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2014 City of Rhinelander Interceptor Project - Sutliff Avenue Construction

FAQ’s for Ripco Members


The City of Rhinelander’s sewer interceptor project will be ongoing throughout most of the summer of 2014.  Ripco has been actively communicating with city officials to evaluate the potential impact on you and to ensure uninterrupted access to your credit union.

Please be aware of changing traffic patterns and increased traffic in our Sutliff Avenue parking lot, as our neighbors will likely be routed through our lot and sharing our driveways.  For your safety, we urge you to drive slowly, back up carefully, and round corners with caution.  Please keep your distance from the construction equipment and do not enter the work zone or approach the contractors or their vehicles. 

We acknowledge the inconvenience this will be for our members, and thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.  Your membership is important to us, and we will do everything in our power to minimize the negative impact of the construction. 

Q.        When will the construction start?

A.        The most recent schedule we have shows work starting the week of April 27th.

            See a copy of their map and schedule here. LINK to PDF.  When we met with representatives from the City of Rhinelander and the engineering firm, we were    advised that the schedule is subject to change and can be impacted by weather, unexpected occurrences and outside forces.

Q.        Will Ripco’s main branch in Rhinelander (Sutliff Avenue) stay open throughout   the construction project?

A.        Yes.  We have no plans to alter our business hours.

Q.        How will we be able to get to and from Ripco when Sutliff Avenue is torn up?

A.        The City of Rhinelander and the engineering firm have assured us that they do not foresee any periods of time when Ripco will be inaccessible.   From Highway 8 West, turn onto Hwy 47 N, take a right on Davenport Street and turn right onto   Sutliff.  From Hwy 47 N, you can turn right onto River Street to a right on Maple,  a left on Davenport and right on Sutliff.  From other locations, come through Rhinelander and cross the Davenport Street Bridge then left on Sutliff.

Q.        Won’t they be closing the Davenport Street Bridge at some point too?  Then     what?

A.        We have been advised that although there are plans for brief closure of the         Davenport Street Bridge, this will not occur until later in the summer, after Sutliff   Avenue has been re-opened to traffic.

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