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About It's Me 247 Security

It’s Me 247 is a home-banking product that has been designed to safeguard the customer's money and privacy by utilizing the latest Internet security technologies.  To further ensure security, these protective technologies have been applied to layers to address each phase of the online transaction.

Transmission security is provided by using 128-bit SSL encryption - the strongest currently available - ensuring that only the customer and the It’s Me 247 systems are able to read the transaction information as it flows across the Internet.  Through our use of VeriSign digital certification (www.verisign.com), the customer also can be assured that they are communicating with the legitimate It’s Me 247 server, and not an imposter.

User account security is furnished through the use of a unique Username/Member Account Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) combination known only to the customer. Additionally, sign-on requests will be honored only after the user correctly answers one of his or her self-selected Security Questions. Without this information, accessing account data and initiating transactions online is impossible.

Access security is provided by a combination of segregated network architecture, hardened server configurations, and redundant firewalls.  Our segregated network architecture separates the It’s Me 247 servers from the systems that contain member data.  Consequently, member data may only be exchanged between these systems through the use of a valid member request following verification of Username/Member Account Number, PIN and Security Question.  Interest-based attacks (hackers) are stopped through the use of redundant state-of-the-art firewall technology and hardened server configurations.

To further ensure that It’s Me 247 security measures continue to meet the ever-changing security threats of the Internet, It’s Me 247 is reviewed on an on-going basis by regulators and expert security consultants, and monitored by CU*Answers network engineers.

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